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New Paris Reaches The Ripe Old Age Of 200


2017 Brings a milestone to our Village of New Paris. Each year for the past 199 she has quietly grown and matured and mostly watched quietly as her citizens celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths. She watched as the funeral train carrying President Lincoln's casket came through town in 1865, and grieved. She watched as a preacher named Benjamin Hanby penned his famous Christmas song for all the children and smiled. Occasionally on her BIG birthdays, you know, the ones that come along every 50 years, she delighted in att the fanfare and attention everyone gave her, after which she once again quietly watched as the years went by.

Well now it's time to remember our village once again as this ole' gal is turning 200 this year. The New Paris Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB will be sponsoring different things through September. Then our 2017 AppleFest will combine with our bicentennial celebration to give our wonderful little village a great 200th birthday!

The New Paris Communicator will be featuring a monthly "Bicentennial Section" that you can download from this page on the website. Each month will feature a different New Paris theme and give you an indepth story about it, including photos. Each article has been researched and lovingly written by our own Joan Steinberger, who many consider our Village Historian. Joan has been passionate about keeping the history of New Paris alive and these articles will do just that in a fun, and informative way.

We hope that you check back often for the various articles, images and historical info that we will have on this page(s). This info will stay posted and will serve as a part of the historical record for the future.

Happy Birthday New Paris...200 Years Young!

New Paris Communicator
December 12, 2016


Benjamin Hanby Images to accompany the December 2016 Special Section

The Old Church of the Brethren in NP

Road side dedication to Hanby

Benjamin Hanby House

Benjamin Hanby House
Benjamin Hanby House
Benjamin Hanby House
Hanby's most famous music
Another Hanby piece
Another Hanby piece
The Hanby home in New Paris
The Hanby Christmas Tree
The Hanby Mucic Box that plays
"Up on The Housetop"
Hanby Ornament created by Joan Steinberger
Back of Hanby ornament
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